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Http://wow.sportsbookreview.Dom/sbr-n... - In today's Sportsbook Review gaming News video update, host Natalie covers the latest items published on the BR Industry news feed. These topics include a recent Pinnacle Sports (BR rating A+) statement on a new Australia facing website, an interview with DJ State Senator Raymond Lesniak, and more. Follow us on Facebook http://wow.face book.Dom/Sportsbookre... Twitter http://twitter.Dom/SBRSportsPicks goggle + http://plus.goggle.Dom/+sbrforum

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judge His used-car dealership, Daylight Motors, was used as a front for the sports betting operation. “Tillery used a website to receive and track wagers from his betting clients, allowing his bettors to place wagers on sporting events, including professional and collegiate basketball, baseball, and football games,” said the government’s presser. The feds don’t know the full size of the Soccer Scores operation. They said that the family handled at minimum $52 mm between 2011 and 2016. That would come out to about $180k per week, on average. With the operation dating back to the 1980s, the Tillery crew may have handled hundreds of millions of dollars in sports wagers. The feds said that Judy assisted in laundering the money, while Brian was more engaged in the day-to-day operations of the sports betting. “Brian Tillery, Larry Tillery’s son, aided the bookmaking enterprise by collecting money from sports bettors and making payments to bettors on behalf of his father; checking the online wagers on a regular basis to keep Larry Tillery aware of what bets were placed on which games; accepting illegal gambling funds from Larry Tillery and making wire transfers to pay illegal gambling debts for Larry Tillery.” Texas is one of the few states that may never legalize and regulate sports betting. It could happen one day, but it will take a major shift in the state’s political environment. You could chalk it up to conservative values, but even bible belt states are warming to sports wagering. Casino-less Tennessee legalized online/mobile sports wagering this year, despite some lawmakers calling for a ban on Sunday betting.

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Will local bookies survive when legal sports betting comes to Illinois? The odds look good. 9, 2018. (Wayne Parry / AP) The man on the phone said he doesn’t take as many bets as he used to — badgering deadbeats to pay up gets old after a while — but he’s still in the business, accepting small wagers on football games for a handful of trusted customers. It’s a side gig, not his main way of making a living, but you might nonetheless think he’s an endangered species with legalized sports betting coming to Illinois as soon as this fall. Why put $100 on the Bears through a bookmaker when you can do it at a casino or through a sanctioned smartphone app? The man, though, said he’s confident bookies like him aren’t going anywhere. “We offer credit,” said the man, whom the Tribune found the old-fashioned way — a reporter knew someone who knew someone — but who would not give his name because of the legal status of bookmaking. “We’ll always have people who want to use us because they don’t want to worry about funding their bets upfront.” For decades, bookies and Chicago went together like pinstripes and fedoras. Sports betting was illegal outside of Nevada, so anyone itching for some action had to find a guy willing แทงบอลออนไลน์ผิดกฎหมายหรือไม่ to take a bet. And there were plenty of guys. [Most read] What’s going on with chicagotribune.com?

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